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17 Feb

"Red Devils" Manchester United prepare to send Anthony, Marc Siyal and Daniel James sealed the edge of the scoreboard, hoping to win the ranking to move the top four games to attack the local "Blue Lion. "Chelsea, who are led by 6 points from the statistics, meet earlier, are better Manchester United in the English Premier League Cup on Monday 17 February this year. Live: True Premier HD 1 Time: 03.00 hrs.

Preview of English Premier League Football,

Monday 17 February 2020.

Chelsea   -   Manchester United.

Live : True Premier HD 1 (Time: 03.00 hrs.)

Field : Stamford Bridge

    Frank Lampard leads the Indigo Navy Lions. The island ranked 4th, but it was under pressure as Sheffield United squeezed to just 2 points.

    In the league, Chelsea didn't win 3 consecutive matches with only 2 points, with their latest form being always unbeaten. Leicester 2-2

    Navy blue lion Must wait for the fitness of Tammy Abraham, an important striker who injured his ankle while Christian Pulicic and Reuben Loftus-Sheikh are still not fit.

    As for Kepa Arri Sabalaka The most expensive goal in the world is likely to return to reality after speaking with Frank Lampard.

    Expect that the panel will put Callum Hudson-O Doi, Mason Mountain, Pedro Rodriguez and Tammy Abram join forces.

    The Ole Gunnar Sol Cha, the Red Devils manager, led the team to not win anybody for 3 consecutive games, collecting only one point. Until the rank dropped to 9 behind Chelsea 6 points

    They lost to Liverpool 0-2 (away), lost to Burnley 0-2 (home) before opening up the Old Trafford tie with Wolverhampton 0-0 in the game. latest

    The Red Devils' team's condition has not changed. The main players, like Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Scott Mothinay, are still injured.

    As for the new star, Bruno Fernandes, the Portugal national team will play for the Red Devils for the second game.

    Nonetheless, Nemanja Matich is acquitted, banned from returning to help with the midfielder, and is ready to meet the old team.

    While Odeon Ikalo, a new striker who is detained to check for the virus that is spreading Came to the latest practice field on Friday But not ready to play To the full will be a backup only

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